Herbert Grönemeyer's "Mensch" - First time on Blu-ray Audio and in Dolby Atmos

Germany's best-selling album for the first time on Audio Blu-ray incl. the concert video "Mensch - Live" from the Arena AufSchalke (2003) - Re-mastered in HD and Dolby Atmos

"Mensch" was first released in 2002 and became Herbert Grönemeyer's most successful release to date. With more than 3.1 million copies sold, it is now Germany's best-selling album and at the time already reached platinum status due to pre-orders before its release.

Mensch" was recorded at Mayfair Studios with his longtime producer Alex Silva in Herbert Grönemeyer's then adopted home of London.

Herbert Grönemeyer produces his albums in the best possible recording quality. Thus, "Mensch" was already released in high-resolution quality on the SACD in 2002. The Hi-Res recordings were the basis for this studio edition with a resolution of 24Bit and 96kHz. In addition to the stereo mix, a 5.1 surround mix is also included. This also served as the basis for the Dolby Atmos mastering of the album.

The playback of these sound formats is made possible by the Pure Audio Blu-ray; a medium developed for music playback based on the Blu-ray Disc. Playable on any standard Blu-ray player, including corresponding game consoles with Blu-ray drives.

For the first time, "Mensch - Live" is also released on Blu-ray, a recording of the two-day concert from 2003 from the Arena AufSchalke during his then tour "Alles Gute von gestern bis Mensch". Grönemeyer's classics such as "Bochum," "Männer," "Flugzeuge im Bauch" and "Mensch" can be heard, ending in a brilliant "Currywurst." A concert recording was made in front of more than 65,000 spectators, characterized by great emotionality, even if the recording technology of the time did not yet allow the sharpness of today's video productions. The concert recording is also available in stereo, 5.1 surround sound and for the first time in a Dolby Atmos version based on it.

Studio album and live concert are available remastered on this Blu-ray disc. As a historical document of these creative years, the hybrid SACD from 2002 with the sound formats stereo and 5.1 surround has also been reissued and included with the Studio & Home Cinema Edition.

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