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Fan Box-Set Editions

The design and production of fan products is implemented at addvalue to suit target groups. Matching customization and personalization ensure an exceptional product experience.

In addition to classic media such as CD, DVD, BD, vinyl or MCs, the basis is also digital products in the area of downloading and streaming. High-quality packaging made from a wide variety of cardboard boxes, finished with paper and foils, printed or embossed, is used to complete the desire for a tactile experience. The specially developed addBOX turns a standard product into a fan product in no time.

We offer:

Pure Audio

Today's recording quality of music productions rarely finds its way to the fan. With the Pure Audio Blu-ray, sound recordings in 24 bit and up to 192 kHz can reach the living room in stereo, surround and immersive (3-D) audio. It is playable on any Blu-ray player. In addition, video content can be integrated. The innovative navigation concept enables playback as usual from the CD, without using the TV. You can switch between the sound formats directly using the colour buttons on the remote control. Real "added value" for every fan! A MUST for every fan box!

We offer:

3-D audio mix

Today's sound bars and receivers from almost all brand manufacturers offer 3-D soundscapes such as Dolby Atmos. This enables a fantastic new listening experience in your own 4 walls.  

We mix “immersive” (3-D) and masters in Dolby Atmos, dts: X and Auro-3D for music, film and game productions. The mobile version is supplied as a 3-D headphone. 

We offer:

Merch Items

In addition to classic merchandise textiles, the sustainability concept comes first at addvalue. For many companies and well-known artists, this is increasingly coming into focus. Experience shows where fans buy the fair trade products of their favourite artists out of conviction and are also enthusiastic about wearing comfort and quality. 

Addvalue offers the production and trading of Fairtrade textiles. We print, embroider and flock individually according to your wishes with prints up to 12 colours. Production is preferably done with environmentally friendly, water-based colours.

An extensive range of classic merchandise such as flags, badges, coasters, cups, glasses, etc. are available to build your own collection and can also be incorporated into the design of fan boxes.

We offer: