The Studio Edition

The recording quality of music production has continuously improved in recent years. 24 bit and 88.1 or 96 kHz as a recorded basis of many publications are the norm. The growing streaming market means that fans are increasingly receiving mp3 quality music. We think it is time to change this and offer the fans the best sound quality. “Music as intended by the artist”

Blu-ray discs can store and play this resolution. A Blu-ray player is available in every third household and over 50% of them are connected to home cinema or hi-fi systems. This means millions of households are already equipped with the appropriate systems to experience this sound quality.

The Pure Audio Blu-ray also has all the interactive options of a Blu-ray Disc to integrate video material or digital files. It works like a CD and no television is required to navigate through the music tracks.

In addition to stereo, multi-channel mixes can also be played. 5.1 surround sound or immersive (3-D) audio like Dolby Atmos offer completely new dimensions in listening to music. It´s pure enjoyment!!!

Pure Audio Blu-ray delivers the best recording quality and new sound experiences on an attractive data format. It´s the best music quality for your fans!

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